Nicki has perfected Sophia's Bug Potion!  It works against mosquitoes every time we have used it . You won't find a more reliable prevention of all the nasty diseases that these critters carry and it smells great!  I love that all of Nicki's products are non-toxic and all natural, I don't have to worry about poisoning my family. Charity R.
Boise, ID
I was attacked by a swarm of hornets using Sophia's Bug Potion gave me the relief I needed from the stings.  It was the only product I tried that worked. Vickie M.
Boise, ID
This bug spray is sooo awesome!! I hate the smell of regular off, cutter, ect. My daughter who is 5 always gets soooo many bug bites even with the store bought crap. But Sophia's Bug Potion is the bomb!! We use it all the time and NO BITES!! Plus it smells AMAZING!! I went fishing with my father in-law and got a horrible sunburn on my face. I used the bug potion on it and it went away with in 24 hours!! No peeling, just a nice tan on my face!!

Also the night before my wedding we left the door open of the hotel room that looked over the river. Once it started to cool down the bugs started coming in and I had like 8 or 9 bites on my back the night before I was getting married!! Sprayed the bug potion on my back and they were gone!! LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Rachel W.
Sophia's Bug Potion is aromatically pleasant, just a drops broad coverage.  Best of all when I covered myself with it, on an Alaskan riverbank-at peak mosquito season, they left me in peace. It feels good on my skin too. Ginny
Vacation to Alaska
I picked up Sophia's Bug Potion to take with me to a month long visit in Egypt....the mosquitoes are HORRIBLE there.  It is unlike anything I have used before, this stuff works!  The one time I forgot to put it on, I was eaten alive but, I spray it on after and WOW it stops the itch and keeps the swelling down.  Most amazing Bug Spray ever!  Best part is it smells awesome :) Dina
Vacation to Egypt
I sprayed Sophia's Bug Potion on to go out to feed my animals tonight and I wasn't bothered for once!  We were confirmed today with West Nile mosquitoes, so keep us stocked up :) Thanks Kim
Gem County, ID
I am a mother and a wife of a very allergic family.  I have run through the gambit of "natural" skincare products for my family.  Some were not as natural as they claim and some were not even effective.  I am so happy that I met Nicki and her products.  I know the ingredients she uses are very high quality and very non toxic.  Among my favorites of her products is Sophia's Bug Potion which, is not only effective both before or after bug bites, but also smells amazing and keeps flies away!  I am happy to say that none of my family has had any reactions to these products...I LOVE them! Jennifer A.
Boise, ID
As I age I've started reacting to mosquito bites horribly!  I used Sophia's Bug Potion and IMMEDIATELY the itch was gone...not reduced gone permanently!  I also adore the way it smells. Darcy J.
I was headed on a trip to Zambia, Africa on a mission trip and a friend of mine bought some of Sophia’s Bug Spray for our team. I was hesitant to use a “natural” spray considering we’re talking about serious consequences like malaria, dengue, and multiple serious diseases from the mosquitos out there. However, I know the side effects to deet as well. I am excited to report, Sophia’s Bug Spray was amazing and worked awesome to keep away mosquitos and other insects. Because the ingredients are natural, I felt comfortable spraying my bedding at night for added protection. Thank you for such a great product, I will be using it all summer long and definitely recommend it to others.
Alisa M.